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Advanced Pedagogy is an edtech company that is focused on the international education sector. We create thousands of minutes of interactive video-based content that teaches entire subject syllabuses, provide 24×7 online tutors, and produce individualised diagnostic reports to help students with revisions and teachers with interventions. School leaders work with us to lower teaching burdens and improve their students’ exam scores.

Our Intellectual Properties

Our Intellectual Properties

Advanced Pedagogy expertly converts research-based pedagogy into technology. Based on our pedagogical research findings, we custom-built and own two distinct technologies and a product series:


APollo is our learning content management system (LCMS) that is unique due to its advanced content delivery options (e.g. interactive videos are accessible via PC/Mac and our native Andriod/iOS apps) and predictive abilities (e.g. student learning diagnostic reports and mastery status).


IVy is our interactive video platform (IVP) that is accessible across all common devices such as PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Standard videos are either directly imported to IVy or linked via video-hosting providers (e.g. Wistia, Mux), and within the IVy environment, interactive layers such as call-to actions, branching, and quizzes can be placed over the videos to bring them to life!


mySecondTeacher makes use of APollo and IVy to provide a complete solution to students’ learning needs. Our interactive videos teach 100% of the examinable content; our online tutors are available 24×7 to answer questions; our diagnostic reports pinpoint specific learning misconceptions or misunderstandings. As second teachers, we share everything with the school teacher, who are the students’ first teacher.

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