For centuries, we have passed on acquired knowledge in the form of books. Now, we can do it in a more efficient way! With the goal of easing access to resources and maintaining academic quality and continuity, our eBooks have been designed to provide for holistic education and have integrated every possible feature so it makes it fun and engaging for students and teachers.

Key Features:

  • Highlighting & Note-taking
    You can highlight any part of the eBook and make personal notes. You can then search through your notes, or jump straight into the highlighted portions for anywhere in the book.​
  • Book marking & Note-taking
    You can bookmark any page and make personal notes. You can then search through your bookmarks, or jump straight into the bookmarked pages from anywhere in the book.​
  • Full-Text Search
    You can search for a specific term or phrase within the eBook.
  • Real Human Narration
    The eBook reads itself, and the narration is done via a real human voice​.
  • Hide/display feature
    With the click of a button, teachers can hide or reveal the answer to the questions from the eBook or eWorkbook​.
  • Read Log
    Teachers will be able to monitor who has read and who hasn’t read the book as it will be logged on our system for teachers to review.​

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