Who are we

Advanced Pedagogy (AP) is an education company headquartered in Singapore. Founded by Cambridge alumnus Dr. Benson Soong and advised by Cambridge don Prof. Neil Mercer, AP works to improve school-based education using the technologies of education. Our solutions transform traditional education landscapes and lead to improved learning outcomes for students while helping teachers transform their core responsibilities — from that of the content provider and knowledge facilitators into learning activators.

AP is a statutory member of the Singapore Business Federation, which is Singapore’s apex business chamber.

How we started

The founder of Advanced Pedagogy, Dr. Benson Soong, along with adviser, Cambridge don Prof. Neil Mercer implemented a revision method known as “Prescriptive Learning” that aimed at revealing students’ misconceptions and misunderstandings by getting them to solve Physics problems with an anonymous partner via the computer.

The initial small-scale study showed that students in the experimental group significantly outperformed students in both the control and alternative intervention groups. Students in the experimental group perceived that they had gained an improved understanding of Physics concepts and also urged to continue revising through the intervention method

The Problem: Need for additional time and effort from teacher

The intervention method helped students obtain great academic results, personalized by constant feedback and guidance by teachers. However, the major drawback of this method involved the necessity of additional time and effort from teachers.


The Solution: Use of Advanced Pedagogy (AP), assisted by edTech

Advanced Pedagogy (AP) works with Cambridge schools to help students ace IGCSE exams.

Our interactive videos and diagnostic instruments cover entire IGCSE subject syllabuses, and these resources extend teaching and learning into students’ homes and phones.

Information gleaned from students’ interactions with our resources are shared with the students’ subject teacher, who then becomes more effective in teaching due to gains in insights into the student’s knowledge constructs and misconceptions. In-class teaching thus becomes more specific and prescriptive, rather than open and general. Outside of school hours, we provide students with 24×7 online tutor support so that their doubts and uncertainties may be expertly addressed without delay.

The entire pedagogy is based on research that has been statistically proven to be effective in improving students’ learning outcomes.

While there are many things that differentiate us from others, our most distinguished attribute would be our expert application of pedagogy to subject content knowledge, while addressing the wider after-school context of when and how students learn. We are, after all, founded and led by people who are acknowledged experts in this field, and our track record of helping students learn and achieve significantly improved results speak for themselves.

What makes AP different from other “edtech” providers is our expert application of research-based pedagogy into technology.

Meet Our Team

While headquartered in Singapore, AP works with partners and personnel globally, including in the UK, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Egypt, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, etc. Review the photos below to see us at work and at play!