IVy is our interactive video platform (IVP) that is accessible across all common devices such as PC, Mac, iOS and Andriod. Standard videos are either directly imported to IVy or linked via video-hosting providers (e.g. Wistia, Mux), and within the IVy environment, interactive layers such as call-to actions, branching, and quizzes can be placed over the videos to bring them to live!

The standard videos plus their associated interactions may then be delivered and experienced richly across different devices, while APollo captures all interactions for diagnostic evaluation purposes.

Our interactive videos are truly interactive; students interact with the videos and, depending on their inputs, experience an individualised lesson path!

  • Our interactive video platform is simple and easy to use.
  • Widgets and templates make the overall experience easier.
  • Adding quiz questions or other interactive objects anywhere on the video timeline adds uniqueness to the platform.
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Are you interested to know more about IVy Technology?

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