Testing a student’s knowledge is one of the key components of the teaching and learning process. For centuries, teachers have been juggling through books, past-year papers, and other materials to create assessments. We’ve made it easier and effective. With Testpaper students and teachers can generate test papers and marking schemes based on topics, chapters, or the whole syllabus and with different difficulty levels in a matter of clicks. The questions on the test papers best resemble the ones asked in real exams. The questions are generated from a vast question bank crafted by our subject experts.​

The question bank features questions based on:

  • Type
    Teachers and students can select questions based on types – Multiple-Choice, Open-Ended, or Practical.
  • Difficulty Level
    Teachers and students can select questions based on difficulty levels – Easy, Medium, and Hard.​
  • Topic
    The questions can be selected from a single topic or a chapter or the whole syllabus.

There is a secret question bank, only for the teachers to use. Moreover, the generated Testpapers are accompanied by respective Marking Schemes, that the teacher or students can use to evaluate or self-evaluate the solved paper.​

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